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Author: LostINva Subject: Lost....

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Registered: 04-30-2013

posted on 04-30-2013 at 18:20 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

I cheated on my wife about 8 yrs ago. She found out but we reconciled....Now my wife and I haven't been intimate in over 2 years and have been more roommates (I've been staying in the spare bedroom for over a year). She told me she wasn't happy and we decided in Nov '12 to part ways. She decided she would move out since I have dogs and wouldn't be able to find a place to rent with them. We have an 12 yr old son so decided she would move out Jan '13 as to not disturb his Christmas. So Jan she moved into an Apartment and my son stayed with me. Before she moved out I found messages between her and my sons coach talking about sexual things and meeting up etc....I took pictures of all these messages on my phone to prove that she has been cheating, she continues even now talking to him and I've seen messages on her phone recently on what they were going to do that night. She comes over and stays at the house after my son gets home from school for about an hour and a half until I get home from work. On weekends she parties a lot and never wants to take him but for a few hrs here and there because she wants to hang out with her friends.(which I am ok with as I enjoy having him) But I'm afraid that after the 1yr separation she is not going to want to give me full legal Custody and may even try to get Physical Custody and only leave me with visitation....I want her to see him and spend time with him but I really want full legal custody and for him to continue living with me (He also wants to live with me). We spend tons of time together riding bikes, going to movies and dog training activities etc. He doesn't want to live with his mom because he says she never spends anytime with him. He says every afternoon she is at the house she spends on her computer and phone talking to "friends" on Facebook. She has also been tempting him to open a facebook account so they can chat....The last thing I want is my son having Facebook.....I have a Lawyer and he just keeps telling me to lay low and let her keep up with the partying and to just keep Printing off her facebook pictures and statuses about going out all the time etc.....We do not have a separation agreement signed....Also I have been talking to the same girl I originally cheated on my wife with, I am being very careful but What are the laws on dating before legally divorced? Like if she was to stay the night? Any advice would be greatly appreciated....

LOST in Va
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