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Author: Cope0047 Subject: Flawed legal system

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Registered: 07-16-2020

posted on 07-16-2020 at 14:03 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Flawed legal system

This is my first time writing anywhere about my current situation. My wife put me through hell with her controlling and abusive behavior. I nearly lost my relationship with my biological children from my first marriage over their hatred of her and how she put a wedge between them and I. There is SO much more to tell but I will get back to the subject. I live in the Northeast part of the country and I have been made to suffer in silence since neither law enforcement nor the court system has allowed me the opportunity to tell my side of the story. My wife and I were both involved in a domestic situation however I was the one arrested initially because she played the victim all to well and made the complaint. Then once a protective order was in place she convinced me that she could not live without me and met me numerous times in violation of the order over the course of 6 months and when I told her I did not feel that she was being accountable for her behavior during our marriage therapy sessions and in just normal conversation that I did not feel comfortable in letting her move back in to the house. I was then served divorce papers one week and then she had me arrested the next week alleging I was stalking here yet I have photos, videos and text messages which anyone with any common sense would see that she clearly was NEVER worried about anything. Due to all that I have lost my career and today I was told by my divorce attorney that she may be alleging that from 2018-2019 I "forged" her signature on her paychecks which I cannot even fathom since we had a joint account and she often asked me to drop her checks off for her since she would forget. So from my experience men have no say in anything, the legal system is set up only for women who want to be the victim and the attorneys are only concerned about being paid their $350-$500 an hour rate. I even called a domestic abuse hotline and they promised to have someone call me back which that call never came.

I am trying to stay strong and not allow her to win but the stress is getting out of control.....
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