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Author: durabobby Subject: drowning please help

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Registered: 03-08-2017

posted on 03-08-2017 at 21:00 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
drowning please help

i live in California im writing this to ask for advice. i have four children and i was married for 13 years. ill make this as short as possible because there is a lot to it. its been 8months sense i have seen my children. i was doing my visits and paying my child support of 2k it left my hardly anything to live on i ended up only being able to stay with a friend to make it i got rid of my nice car and got a used older paid off car i cut every bill i could. me and my ex got into a argument she forced me one morning to take all the children or she was going out of town i ended up taking the kids they where sick and my friend which has children of his own where upset said i could not have my children sick i called my ex and asked her to come get them she did not inform me they where sick she did not i ended up taking them the whole visit two days she told my to drop them off at the baby sitter after my time ended i called the baby sitter she did not want them sick so i was stuck missing a day of work so she could finish her visit she got the cops involved and acted like she was scared of me. i also got sick and every one in the household. next visit my car broke i had to miss then the next visit i informed her id be taking the children she threatened to call cps on me i ended up not taking the children that visit. cps came out with the kids not in my custody my friend was accused of molesting my daughter which is not true cps saw text msgs and dropped it after two visits. i got kicked out of my friends house and became homeless no where else to go my car ended up breaking down and then i ended up loosing my job. i finally landed a job making less than half of what i made im going through paper worked now to adjust child support filling them out. i was a mess over all of this for a very long time. i feel so alone i have a great work history and experience i bought my house at 23 that got lost in the big d i know this all sounds kinda out there. i cant get my children out of my head i was a really good father we went skating on my days off and i did homework till she bared my from there school for no reason i was building a case but it all went down the drain when i got my life turned upside down again. anyways my question is its been 8 months sense i have seen my children should i try for visitations i want them 100percent whats best for them. i also think that if i cant get stable what good will be going in and out of there lives? im doing my best i need a lawyer but i cant afford one any more.
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