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Author: WorkinMomof3 Subject: Anyone been in this situation before? Advice please

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Registered: 01-12-2011

posted on 01-12-2011 at 11:09 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Anyone been in this situation before? Advice please

Your advice/comments are appreciated!

My husband and I are going through a divorce, we both filed in Sept 2010. Thing is, I've been the breadwinner for the past 4 years. We have an 11yr old and twin 5yr olds. We decided to have my husband stay home when the twins were 1 to help with daycare fees and for I was making more money then he. Since then I've been working a 40hr full time job, 3nights a week part time job, and started a weekend photography business. Therefore in essence I've been working three jobs while he stayed home. As of Sept all 3 of our kids are in school now and he is still not working. We are going through the divorce proceedings now, Custody case in March and Property Case in June; however we are both still living in the house. Yup! Hard to believe huh!

Thing is he won't leave, stating that he is the primary care provider for the children and that he currently cannot support himself. Said he's going to try for alimony. I won't leave because I'm currently paying ALL the house hold bills and cannot afford two household incomes. (And, I'm the only one on the mortgage, yet we both are on the house deed)

He and I are working together on a shared custody schedule, which is a good sign.

He is claming to be looking for work and is totally able to work. I'm willing to move out, but will not do it until he's working. I will not agree to pay him alimony. In the end I know I'll have to pay him child support...frustrating but it's the law.

Just the other day his lawyer has requested that we combine our custody and property hearing into one for the fact that we are still living in the same house and a judge will not grant custody then. I wonder how this could hurt me or help me...

I'm asking for advice from anyone that has been in a situation like this and how did it turn out? Any pointers or suggestions?

Thanks for listening...

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