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Author: Barmaley Subject: How to avoid divorce.

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How to avoid divorce.

Sometimes the reason for divorce is ridiculously small. The usual story: "You called me an idiot five years ago." The husband said, and forgot, and his wife tried, but she could not forgive an insult. Chose his words carefully, and learn to argue, like adults, not doshkolyata ( "elephant himself!"). Do not hurt a loved one in the heat of emotion. People forgive, but not forget - trust me.
  Stop listening to him whine a little and that run to the rescue. This, oddly enough, can lead to treason: what happened to one my client. Her husband is constantly moaning, with anything he could not handle, he pretended to be the victim, and shifted her guilt and responsibilities ( "You spoil my life, screw a light bulb"). She had to look for support - and she found her with another man. In turn, the ship is not complaining wife: he may find another - young and trouble-free.
   Of course, I have had cases where great sex, and even a good blow job is not saved the marriage. But now on my desk are a few cases: quarrels, disputes, quarrels - and the absence of sex. So this is what ruined their marriage, not a spiritual disorder and intellectual difference. They have not ceased to attract each other. They are no longer paid to sex - and that was a fatal mistake. Do not make it difficult and very nice. My husband and I work a lot, we have a small child, but we try not to forget about romance. More precisely - about sex, well, you understand.

Yes, you discussed the key issues before marriage (such as: religion, career plans, place of residence). Keep in mind that people are constantly changing. "She said that her family comes first, and then gone to work. Sometimes the differences relate to faith: it is often all that binds the spouse with the church - this Christmas, while his wife is becoming more religious. I myself had the opportunity to go through something like that. My husband woke up one day and said he wanted to move to Charlottesville - a small town, where we met. I've done a hundred laps in the pool, wondering what I should do. I retired and we moved. In relations need flexibility. Now we are back in Atlanta - but I did not regret a single day that my husband and I agreed. And to show that really love it.
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